Friday, December 20, 2019


The Post-modern Descent into Insanity and Chaos

The lastest and most dubious technique in the Jacobin book of subversive intrigue is the often effective scam of twisting reality. Now, things that were once indisputable are called into question and the obvious becomes a point for contention and debate. Famously, Orwell gave us the telling dystopian proclamation, “War is Peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength” in his novel “1984.” The book was written before the post-modern / neo-Marxist mentality had seeped its toxic word games into the universities and popular culture. Even if one had not yet heard the famous lines, they could be uttered today and have little difficulty rousing nodding heads in agreement with absurdity on a grand scale.

Illegal immigration was defended by no one a mere few years ago and it is still resented by most sane people across the globe. It’s only in the pompous halls of the smug elitists who drive politics and culture that one holds a strait face while proclaiming the need to let anyone intrude upon your culture and diminish the safety and stability of your nations.

So, how did we get from “1+1=2” to, “we really don’t know and can never really know what is do what the hell I tell ya to do...lowly plebeian!”

Radical skepticism and relativism has always existed in some circles at some times. As a philosophical mind-game, it can be pulled off just as effectively as the script to the Wizard of Oz. But real people inhabit a real world. In spite of larger speculations as to just how real our world is, the senses are quite reliable in keeping our lives intact. Even if life were a dream, do you really want to “dream” that your loved ones are being brutally assaulted or your neighborhood has been turned into a middle-eastern terror enclave? I know, most illegally arriving “immigrants” are rocket scientists paying taxes and proclaiming their love for their new home 😉

In the not too distant past, when a person held a view that flew in the face of logic and observable reality, they ended up putting their tail between their legs and quietly walking off the stage, plotting a new way to spin their bizarre twist on things. Now, flying pink elephants are destroying our planet and you’re told that you just don’t know it because you’re a bad person who lacks the deep insight afforded woman’s’ studies majors and post structuralist academics.

In our current political climate, the con-artists of Leftdom will look right into a camera and insist that a mundane phone call by the president (of the type that previous presidents routinely made) was actually a “high crime” and flagrant “abuse of power.”

Climate change bureau-freaks will fly thousands of miles to lavish resorts while telling the little people that they are producing too much CO2. The former president parroted the claim that the sea level is rising dramatically and will flood vast coastal regions....yet now purchases a multi-million dollar home — at sea level.

In the past, when blatant nonsense was uttered, the clown doing so knew they had to fine-tune the script so that it at least sounded plausible but now, no more. You can say anything no matter how divorced from reality, and a sizable percentage of the boot-licking public will nod in agreement. “It’s gotta be true. After all, it was a bonafide late night comedian that told me.”

None of this is an accident or lapse in critical thinking. This clouded perspective that allows anything to be said and anything to be believed, is a deliberate strategy laid out with intellectual cunning by post-structuralists, post-modernists, and other assorted quacks who would tell us “there is no truth, so you better swallow the truth we feed you” - after all, “ignorance is strength.”

I remember the intellectually vapid experience of having to attend classes in my university’s School of Education. There, future lemmings of public “education” were fed a regular diet of mind games disguised as sophisticated “critical thinking.” The most repeated soundbite was that, if teachers failed to promote “revolutionary” change they were, by default, promoting our current corrupt system of capitalism and white Euro-centric oppression. “You only think you’re free.” If one is lost in abstract philosophical speculation, one can of course argue such things but those of us who inhabit reality know in our gut that living in a free United States if preferable to using a food ration card in a “free” Cuba. The issue conjures the old leftist talking point that there are “different kinds of freedom.” If you’re in a cage and get a daily ration you are “free from want.” People actually buy bullshit like this, now more than ever.

In universities that graduate students who can barely write we are led to believe that hatred of success and achievement is a perspective born of deep knowledge.

At the heart of the contemporary disconnect from reality is a blatant disregard for consistency. The same people who justly opposed the apartheid system in South Africa brush off current murders, rapes, and land-theft in that same country. Amazingly, when a current leader notes publicly that mass execution of whites won’t take place “yet” it’s barely acknowledged. In the end, it’s all about power. The left in all its permutations wants power and, because they are by nature weak souls lacking honor and fortitude, the only weapon in their arsenal is guile and deception. In relatively free and established societies their strategy is not so effective. A dedicated authoritarian communist can’t just seize power and expect mass-public approval. In such cases, subversion is the way to go. Slave morality (as Nietzsche labeled it) on steroids can be an effective method to steal the hearts and minds of younger generations. A simple will to power through contrived victimhood can offer a fairly effective foot in the door. After that, a coup can be pulled off with little push-back from a generation that actually thinks the prosperity and freedom around them is an illusion.

Perhaps a descent into destitution and a loss of freedoms so taken for granted will teach future generations that some “illusions” are better than others.

Merry Christmas!...and a Happy New Year 🎵🎶

(I’ll be away from blogland at least til the middle of January. Immerse yourself in knowledge and beauty).


Face of the American Politburo

Thursday, December 19, 2019


Standing up to “The Man”

Standing up to “the man” requires that you know who the man actually is.

An excellent brief documentary that addresses the Brexit/Trump phenomena. Some people just don’t get it. All the more relevant considering the sham “impeachment” that has just taken place. Objective history will laugh and grimace in disgust at the Democomm’s partisan and fraudulent action.

(‘Will have a new essay up in a couple of days before I indulge in holiday frolic).

Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Nitpicking the Presidency and the Republic into extinction

It would certainly be wrong for the Republicans at some future time to turn the tables on a future Democrat President and insist upon impeaching him or her for concocted and tenuous “crimes.” But, that’s probably what will happen. Of course, future Republican administrations will also be cursed with dishonest and bitter attacks by a mentality that refuses to bow to the decorum of constitutional republican (small “r”) government. It’s now a free-for-all. If you lose an election, just keep pounding away, the voters be damned. Already, more than a few Democrats have fantasized concocted wrong-doing on the part of vice President Pence. Remember, the entire impeachment scheme isn’t only about removing an elected president. It’s just a step in removing a political philosophy from the public arena. Socialism always limits choices, from health care to the types of light bulb one is allowed to use. After a trail of public seizures, the big goal is always eliminating free choice of representation.

As with all politics, the current scam to undo an election has been, and will continue to be, about power. Democrats have successfully created one party cities and states in several locations around the country — California, New York, Baltimore, Detroit, et al. It has always been their goal to achieve the same on a national scale. Critically, one must remember that “power” for them has not been the mere corrupt act of seeking wealth and status. For the left in general, power is about gaining the authority to literally rule over everything. To seize public utilities, the healthcare industry, and ultimately individual households and the thoughts of citizens and their children. To exert and entrench the left’s control always requires punitive action. Already, on issues ranging from climate policy to presidential phone calls, several of the more honest Demo-socialists have demanded legal prosecution — some under their breath implying execution. Carried out to its natural course, we get China, or Cuba, or the former Soviet Union. In the end, every socialist is a communist, which is why they consistently defend and often praise leftist dictators like Chavez and Castro.

The talking heads of left-land would have us believe that their opponents are fascists, but the opposite of communism is not fascism. In spite of how much these ideologies hate each other, they’re competing for the same prize. Statism by any other name is still statism and opposed to it is the rare and laudable institution of free open society and self-government. Free people voluntarily create, buy, and sell things — they create wealth. This is not to say that a coercive state cannot at some point allow a ghost of a market to exist so long as they can effectively hold authority over it, bending capitalism to a hybrid model — socialism light, corporatism, crony capitalism.

A critical threshold has now been passed. Contending views will no longer be reconciled solely at the ballot box. America’s Demo-socialist party demands that, in one way or another, elections that keep them from absolute power must be nullified. This didn’t just happen with the current president. Al Franken lost an election several years ago but, when an election is even remotely close, out come the lawyers, the political operatives, and con-artists to eventually flip authority in their favor. Stacey Abrams lost an election decisively for the governorship of Georgia and still, like Hillary Clinton, appears on cable news rambling that somehow, in her alternate universe, she had actually won. In her case, she had the added benefit of being a black woman and, of course such an individual losing an election can only be due to RACISM! or SEXISM!

In the current impeachment charade, it’s already been stated by several Democrats that, if Trump wins reelection, they can repeat charges of impeachment perpetually, into the far corners of infinity. To set up future attacks on Trump they’re already laying the propaganda groundwork with the ridiculous idea that his winning can only be due to “stealing the election” through some dubious means. No opponent of the left can now be seen as winning elections fairly. It can’t be due to millions of people with conservative or centrist views. No,it’s got to be “Russia” or “bribery” or daring to demand voter ID laws.

Now, a phone call to a foreign leader by president Trump, of the type that has been made thousands of times by past president, comes under the bogus scrutiny of the vultures of political intrigue. Did he use the right words? Did he say the wrong names? Did he cough suspiciously to indicate misdeed and ill-intention? IMPEACH! And put Hillary on her throne so that she can return the operation of state to...the state, and ultimately to a new global order of constrictive undemocratic unelected authoritarian rule — dystopia on an unprecedented scale.

It’s been noted that the life expectancy of a free society doesn’t go far beyond two-hundred years. On that scale, America has survived as a constitutional republic beyond it’s shelf life. America’s founders were truly brilliant in their application of checks, balances, and fined-tuned mechanisms for preserving freedom but, in the end, the encroaching state always finds a way — a death (murder) of a thousand cuts, a few million bureaucrats, ...and a bogus impeachment or two.

Thursday, December 05, 2019


Really? You’ve gotta be kidding me!

The latest clown parade in the left’s attempted coup d' 'etat is to now have testimony by partisan donors to the cause of the president’s former election opponent. Talk about “transparency” — transparently stupid.

The “legal scholars” that the Democomms invited to testify were flaming caricatures of smug leftists. More of the same; “Trump should be impeached because” man bad.

My favorite issue of absurdity is when they and other prior leftist witnesses reference “patriotism” and “American ideals.” The left perpetually makes clear their disdain for America, its history, and the constitution that affords a free and open society. The America they love is the one they hope to create when they seize full authority to rule over, punish, and eliminate those who don’t wish to march in their global authoritarian social scheme.

If poetic justice is a real thing, and baring any unforeseen intrigues, Trump will win by a landslide in both the electoral and popular vote and he will share his success with both houses of congress.

Thank god for the stupidity and vengeful arrogance of America’s faux socialist “revolutionaries.”

Tuesday, December 03, 2019


Happy Group-hugism

Now, why would the good citizens of Hong Kong be wanting to avoid this great standard of political life? The loving fist of the Communist Party of China.

This is the end result of socialism and investing authority in a powerful state — every time.

Call it socialism, communism, fascism, nazism, collectivism, or happy group-hugism. Same as it ever was.

Sunday, December 01, 2019


The Dichotomy of Quality vs. the Assault on Human Dignity

The pink plastic electric marching band vs. mahogony bookshelves and latticed windows

The screeching laughter of game show hosts and audiences captivated by glitter vs. a chord of sublimity carried from transcendent voices to gothic stone carvings.

The harsh attack of neon, an assault on human dignity vs. the gentle whisper of an angel at rest.

The ugly cacophony of idle chatter vs. the resignation of silence before an altar.

The pant of machines grinding like teeth on chalkboards vs. an autumn leaf touching the ground to move in random reply to a breeze, leaving trails of memory across damp earth.

The demands of the fervent vs. the solitude and contemplation of introspection.

The folly of the hollow grin before the mysterious portrait of a face that conveys neither sadness nor joy.

The wrong and the right. The good and the bad. The things that you’ve owned and the things you’ve had.

The snipping insults and demands of those fellow players in the 4-D matter world, whose only concern is to compel obedience to their tiny sliver of appraisal vs. the stern but caring voice that echoes through eternity, accepts all, guides but demands nothing but one’s ability to observe.

A wheel of perpetual confusion that occasionally affords a glimpse of heaven... or a residence in hell.

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